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Mean Samhraidh - The Mid-Summer Solstice

Posted on 6th June, 2013

With the procession of The Wheel of the Year fast approaching its zenith - why not have a browse over our newly published Article; Mean Samhraidh - The Mid-Summer Solstice.  The traditions of this important festival are Celtic in origin and celebrate the healing and positive qualities of the light, warmth and security that the sun offers us all.  Not taken for granted though, this period of abundance is now beginning to give way to the return of the darkness...


To the Celts, mid-summer was a time of great celebration, but also caution towards the times that lay ahead.


See our Articles Page for more information and feel free to have a browse.


Paul xxx

"True Purpose" Crystal Therapies

Posted on 3rd February, 2013

This is a course of therapies uniquely tailored to you... 


Since completing Postgraduate Modules at The Rose School on Crystal Therapy, I have been inspired to offer a course of therapies that will support you to awaken your true self.  Through my own experience, I have seen how the subtle power of crystals, meditation and healing can enahnce creativity, motivation and vision.


This course of therapies involves both logic and intuition through its application.  The first therapy will focus on reading the chakras and energy field as well as balancing and harmonising this subtle energy system.  This encourages calmness and clarity of the physical, emotional and mental states; as well as integrating the higher self.  The therapies which follow involve opening the chakras, to support the gentle release of restrictions, as well as enhancing your connection to your higher self and aligning you to your true purpose.  This will be applied through a variety of techniques, including crystals, colour, meditation and mantrums, symbols and hands-on healing (Unified Healing).


As I continue my studies with crystal therapy and healing, I realise how important it is to adopt an integrated approach.  This course of therapies aims to utilise this approach to help you find your direction in life and deepen your awareness of yourself and others.  Therefore this course of therapies is not ‘prescriptive’ but unfolds throughout your journey.  I sincerely hope that I can inspire others as I have been inspired through the healing and learning that I have undertaken so far…




Please see the Special Offers Page for more details on this course of therapies.   


Suzie xxx


A Little Bird's Thankyou

Posted on 18th January, 2013

With the snow falling and bitterly cold temperatures outside we seek refuge within our little homes - lighting the fire or putting on the central heating and maybe having a warm bowl of soup.  Nice and secure we sometimes forget how lucky we are.  I was watching a Blackbird this afternoon just outside our window.  At first, I thought that he was merely looking for food among the gaps in the rooftiles of the Therapy Suite, but then I realised, this little Blackbird was actually eating the snow!  For a moment, I thought that this was strange but it very quickly dawned on me that the poor little creature wasn't hungry - he was thirsty!  So, I put on my coat and hat, and went outside into the cold.  Upon uncovering the birdbath and finding it frozen solid, I set about defrosting it and adding some fresh warm water.  Within minutes, my little Blackbird was back, and without a fuss he stepped into the warm water and proceeded to take a long drink.  As he finished, he glanced over towards where I was standing - as if to say thankyou.  


...So, the moral of this true story is that when we are relaxing in front of our warm fires this cold evening, cast a thought to the little birds outside, who are trying really hard to survive at this moment.  Providing them with food, but also with a supply of fresh water can really make a difference to them, and it doesn't take much effort on our part.  You never know, if you are lucky like I was today, a little bird may even take the time to pause and say thankyou....


Paul xxx

A Very Warm Welcome To Everybody

Posted on 30th December, 2012

Greetings to you and welcome to our new website and blogspace.

Yes, we finally got there although we unfortunately just missed our Christmas launch (oops!) nevermind.

Hopefully you like our new website.  We have re-designed the pages to make things easier to navigate, more interesting and of course more interactive.

We would really like to build a new "Utopia community" with you both on facebook and via this blogspace, so please please please do feel free to offer your comments and conversation, we cannot do it without you!

We intend to regularly update the blogspace and website with all sorts of interesting stuff, including articles, links and inspirational comments etc, plus exclusive offers and promotions - so why not connect with us and join our new "Utopia community" and become a part of what is happening at Utopia.

We very much look forward to receiving your comments.  Thankyou.

Namaste  Paul & Suzannah @ Utopia xxx