Client Testimonials


Below are a selection of comments from our clients and students.  We are always happy to receive your feedback. If you would like to submit your own testimonial to Utopia then please do contact us via our Contacts Page.



"I returned to the practice of yoga after an absence of several years and, in Paul, I found a teacher who has a gentle, friendly, and professional manner which makes even the most complicated of asanas simpler to understand. In addition to his excellent teaching, he and Suzannah have a wonderful ‘holistic’ approach by offering meditation, and a variety of other relaxation and therapy techniques.  Whether you are new to the practice of yoga and meditation, or more experienced, I would thoroughly recommend Utopia to those interested in a holistic approach to the health of the mind and body."

Douglas, Huntingdon


"For me Paul's yoga classes are 90 minutes where I can escape the stress of everyday life. He gently guides you through the class letting you work to your own ability with modifications to help you achieve your full potential. When I leave the class I feel calm, relaxed, stretched and ready to face the next week!  I would highly recommend anyone to come along to one of his classes and give them ago no matter what level of fitness you're at there really is something for everyone." 

Helen, Offord Darcy


"My whole experience of Utopia is both calming and welcoming.  The treatments I have had include Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Ayurvedic Facial and Aromatherapy Massage and each treatment has enabled me to completely relax and unwind." 

Claire, Cambridge


"Utopia is a place of peace and tranquillity that gave me the opportunity to relax and calm the mind.  Having practiced meditation and yoga with Utopia I would urge anyone thinking about having a go to just "do it".  Paul & Suzannah have a wealth of knowledge between them and offer a professional yet friendly service and will do their utmost to meet the needs of their clients."

Michaela, Offord Darcy


"Having experienced a variety of therapies at Utopia, I have felt relaxed, recharged and uplifted.  The treatments have enabled me to cope with life's challenges on an emotional, physical and spiritual level."


H. B. Cambridgeshire


"I have experienced a variety of therapies on offer at Utopia and have regular monthly therapies.  Both Paul & Suzannah are very helpful and understanding.  An experience of well-being is achieved through the therapies and yoga they provide.  I find the treatments very therapeutic as my lifestyle can be extremely busy and stressful.  I have also attended weekly yoga classes with Utopia and by working with the breath and meditation have found relaxation, especially for the mind.  Both the therapies and yoga help me to find a healthy balance in life."


B. Goodman, St. Neots