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Holistic Therapies


Holistic Therapy works upon all levels of the person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to bring about a state of equilibrium. Utopia adopts an integrated approach with the therapies we offer. Therapies may be labelled specifically, but most importantly therapy techniques are incorporated to meet the needs of the individual at the time. This encourages deep relaxation and a sense of natural well-being.


Indian Head Massage


This traditional therapy has evolved in the west and is highly regarded as an excellent antidote to modern stress and tension. The upper back, shoulders, neck, face and head are all massaged, leaving you feeling warm and invigorated.  


Aromatherapy Massage


A gentle and indulgent way to relax and ease away those tensions and stresses. Using high quality essential oils from Amphora, your Aromatherapist will formulate a blend specifically to suit your requirements, be it relaxation, emotional balance or general well-being.  


Aromatherapy Face Massage


Focusing on the face, neck & shoulders this lovely massage incorporates lymph drainage and acupressure techniques. Pure essential oils are chosen to suit you on the day.  


Swedish Body Massage


A slightly more invigorating massage, particularly renowned for easing away muscle tension and joint related aches and pains. Through the application of base oil products, this classic massage promotes deep relaxation and self-healing within the body.  


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


A massage designed to combat stress and promote the relaxation of these particular parts of the body, leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to face the World again.  




A popular treatment in which the feet are gently massaged, and any stresses and tensions are removed. The stimulation of nerve endings and meridians on the soles of the feet helps in the relaxation of many parts of the body. Modern techniques have enabled this therapy to be quite specific in its application, and the benefits are well known. The massage of the feet is non-invasive and surprisingly relaxing, leaving you feeling calm, refreshed and balanced. Ideal for tired feet, or as a means to promote a greater well-being in yourself.  




The gentle hands on approach of this therapy enables a deep level of healing and balancing to take place. Treating the mind, body & spirit, this therapy is truly holistic and can promote relaxation and well-being within the individual. Reiki works on the flow of energy through the body, clearing and rebalancing any blockages the may be apparent. This can leave you feeling warm and reassured, glowing from the inside out. A lovely experience.