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Crystals are created from the earth's core and each crystal has its own unique energy vibration and qualities.  We also have an energy system which include 7 main chakras (energy centres) and an auric field.  When we are stressed or unwell, our energy being can become restricted or blocked.  Crystal Healing supports by rebalancing, harmonising and rejuvinating the energy flow.  It helps clear the aura of any negative energy and thus promotes positivity and light.  It can ease pain and discomfort and calms the emotional and mental states.  It can bring in a higher state of awareness and enhance inspiration and creativity, thus being transformative in its approach...  



 Crystal Energy Release Therapy


This therapy incorporates crystals, acupressure and hands-on techniques to promote the release of physical pain and discomfort, whilst calming and relaxing the mind and emotions.  


Crystal Energy Release enhances a free flow of energy to free blockages within the physical body that can both contribute to physical pain and be affected by it. It is truly holistic in its approach, bringing the individual into a state of relaxation, harmony and peace, thus improving overall health and well-being.


Unified Healing


Unified Healing brings about balance and unity to all aspects of a person. Using symbols, mantra, crystals and colour this beautiful therapy leaves you in a tranquil state of stillness and peace.


1 hour £40
Special Offer: £35 for first appointments