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Crystal Therapies


Crystal Therapy harnesses the natural healing properties of crystals, coupled with the intuition and knowledge of the therapist. This creates a beautiful and unique healing experience.


Each therapy is gentle and holistic in its approach and is intuitively tailored to suit the individual. It is deeply relaxing and helps to revitalise energy and encourage personal growth and empowerment.


Crystal Therapy


Crystal Therapy, coupled with loving intent, helps to calm and balance the body, mind and emotions. This creates a beneficial effect upon all levels of being whilst stimulating creative potential and enhancing intuition and purpose.


The vibrational energy of crystals, when placed upon the person or within their aura, resonate with the subtle body to achieve enhanced well-being.


The benefits of regular treatments can therefore be transformational.


Crystal Energy Release Therapy


This therapy incorporates crystals, acupressure and hands-on techniques to support the release of physical pain and discomfort, whilst calming and relaxing the mind and emotions.  


Crystal Energy Release enhances a free flow of energy to release blockages within the physical body that can both contribute to physical pain and be affected by it. It is truly holistic in its approach, bringing the individual into a state of relaxation, harmony and peace, thus improving overall health and well-being.


Unified Healing


The Unified Healing Method brings about balance and unity to all aspects of a person. Using symbols, mantra, crystals and colour this beautiful therapy leaves you in a blissful state of stillness and peace.